Po-Nan Li

About me

With the training in signal processing and optics, Po-Nan works at the intersection of imaging and machine learning. Having extensive internship experience in the VR/AR industry, Po-Nan now works on smartphone cameras, aiming to make the already amazing cameras in your pocket even better.


Camera Machine Learning Engineer
Apple 2021-Present
Machine learning solutions for camera hardware design and image quality analysis.

Research Intern
Facebook Reality Labs 2020
Machine learning frameworks for accelerated nanostructure waveguide design.

Hardware Engineering Intern
Google 2019
Algorithm development and camera calibration instrumentation for VR/AR technologies.


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Taiwanese Referendum 2018 - An interactive website that visualizes the results of 2018 Referendum in Taiwan. Contributed to data crawling and front-end Development.
CS231n: Peak finding for crystallography - Built and trained a YOLO network that can rapidly locate Bragg peaks on a diffraction image on SLAC's massive SFX data.
EE367: Mountable Dynamic Range Enhancer for Digital Cameras - Built an Arduino-enabled device that can be mounted onto a camera and enhance the photo dynamic range by adaptively modulating a gray-scale LCD.


Regional Director
Coordinated meal, accomadation and venue logistics for a 4 day conference with more than 100 international attendees.
Vice President
Co-led the 100+ member organization and held events for the biggest Taiwanese community in the Silicon Valley.